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Your Own Business Attorney 

On-site At Your Office 

AMCI - Bill Schweiger - Spokane, Washington

"We never need to leave our office because they always come to us.  From day one, they've always taken a personal interest in understanding our business, and their hourly rates are the most competitive that we've seen."

Keller Williams - The Spokane Home Guy Group - Brandon Marchand

"This is our go-to law office when it comes to business law.  They will meet us at our office or anywhere around town to accommodate our schedules. They've been a great asset to our business since 2009."

Town of Reardan, WA, Washington State

"After eight years of using this law office, we are still going strong with them.  We started out using them for traffic infraction prosecution cases, and we were so happy that they now handle all of our legal work."

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"David is very professional and his customer service is exemplary. My small business has worked closely with him to create contracts - this was my first real encounter with an attorney for business reasons and he's made everything seamless and easy. I will be a long-term client."



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The Northwest Corporate Counsel Difference

If your business is looking to hire its first in-house attorney or you're finally ready to make the change from your offsite high priced law firm to your own on-site in-house attorney, contact us to find out how we can help your business.


With over a decade of representing business and municipal clients, our clients receive big-firm experience without the big-firm cost. This is why the majority of our clients are referrals from our clients, other businesses, and others who know about our work.

Many businesses want a full time in-house attorney, but it's just not in the budget. With Northwest Corporate Counsel though, businesses have their own on-site attorney at their own business location.  Businesses only pay for the number of hours that they need and all without the high costs of traditional law firms.

We represent business and municipal clients ranging from startups to those regularly grossing $20 million in monthly sales.  No client is too big or too small.  To paraphrase Albert Einstein, our only limitation is our imagination.


As a client, you will have a dedicated and experienced attorney who has worked both in a law firm and as General Counsel.  The experience your business will receive is unsurpassed.  

So if your business is looking to make a change from using an offsite high priced law firm to hiring your own on-site business attorney, contact us to find out how we can help your business.







 Contract drafting, editing, review, and negotiations - Contracts are at the core of every business. We handle all aspects of the contract process, from initial discussions through contract signing, enforcement, and litigation.  

 Terms and Conditions - As the saying goes, 'the devil is in the details.' We handle the drafting and the negotiation of the terms and conditions of your sales agreements. We make sure that you understand the risks involved, and we work to make the terms and conditions of your sales contracts most favorable to you.

 Employment issues - If you have a business, you likely have employees. As an employer, there is a wide range of laws that you are required to follow. Whether your business needs help getting on the right track with an employment question or a dispute has arose, we are here to assist your business and protect it.

 Policies and Procedures - A company that sets its expectations and creates an employee handbook is setting up its employees for success. A clear set of policies and procedures can be like a playbook in sports. It's important for all employees to know and follow the same guidelines so that everyone can work together toward the success of the company.

 Business Formations - All businesses start from the ground floor up, so it's important to have a good foundation when starting a business. We help you setup your business with the correct state filings, operating agreements, and everything in between.

 Business Consulting - A business is made up of a multitude of moving parts that all have to work in sync together. Whether your business needs us to assist with internal operations or other business matters with third parties, there isn't much we haven't seen throughout the years.

 Finance Consulting - Most businesses aren't self funded, which means that most businesses are paying to use funds to operate their business operation. Whether financing comes from a traditional bank, third-party lender, invoice-factoring company, or a merchant cash advance company, the terms of the financing can significantly affect the bottom line at the end of the day. Businesses should always go through the financing agreement thoroughly and an analysis of the costs before signing the contract.

 Litigation - Our goal is always to avoid litigation when possible, but it's not always possible. Unreasonable people and those not willing to accept liability make litigation impossible sometimes. When that's the case, we're here to enforce your rights and make the other side pay up with a court order against them.

 B2B Collections - Accounts receivable are the life blood of a business. A sale is meaningless unless the customer makes payment. Additionally, the cost of extending terms to customers can make the difference between making a sale and not making a sale. It also can be the difference between shipping a product that gets paid for and a product that stays on the AR. Providing terms such as Net 30, Net 60, and Net 90 can also significantly affect a company's net income and cash flow. We're here to help businesses analyze and understand the hidden costs of extending terms and how certain changes can increase their bottom line.

 Municipal Representation - Municipalities face many of the same issues and risks that private businesses face; however, municipalities have additional regulations and red tape to address to stay in compliance. Whether a municipality is looking for a city attorney to handle its civil work or its looking for an attorney to handle its criminal prosecution or traffic infraction prosecution work, we're ready to step in seamlessly.  


ABA American Bar Association
WSBA Washington State Bar Association
American Association for Justice
US District Court Eastern District of Washington
Spokane County Bar Association
Washington State Association for Justice

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