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Municipalities come in all sizes - but the issues that surround them always have the potential to result in big consequences.  With the ever increasing amount of claims that municipalities receive today, more municipalities are taking the extra step of having an attorney review their decisions before they go into affect.  It's this extra step that can save them both a significant amount of time and money.

We offer both City Attorney and City Prosecutor representation.  With the high costs of large law firms, we have become the fiscally-responsible choice for municipalities. We always work with you to establish a budget to ensure that you stay on track with your goals and objectives.

Here's a sample of the services that we offer our clients:

 Contract review, contract drafting, and contract editing - Almost everything related to a business also involves a contract. Our goal is always to balance your business goals with the potential risk to your business.

 Employee handbooks - Employee handbooks are crucial to ensuring that all employees understand their obligations and duties as an employee of a municipality. We are available to review, revise, or even create employee handbooks from the ground up.

✓ Ordinance review, ordinance editing, and ordinance drafting - A well-drafted ordinance takes a lot of time and effort to do it right. Many times, an ordinance will be revised many times over the years to adapt to changes in society. We work do ensure that ordinances are clearly drafted to reduce disputes and increase the ease of enforcement.

 Advising City Council - A City Council that works closely with its City Attorney is a recipe for success. We have years of providing city-council advice and city-mayor advice

✓ Prosecuting misdemeanors and infractions - Many municipalities and towns prosecute their own misdemeanors and traffic infractions. We've prosecuted thousands of these cases over the years and even litigated Class A felony jury trials.

✓  Litigation - Avoiding litigation is always the goal, but it's not always possible.  We can assist in both representing you as a plaintiff or a defendant.

Always Included:

✓ We travel to you

✓ We work with you to establish a budget

ABA American Bar Association
WSBA Washington State Bar Association
American Association for Justice
US District Court Eastern District of Washington
Spokane County Bar Association
Washington State Association for Justice

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