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Our success is measured by a single factor - our clients' success.  

Our clients have told us over the years what they want from a law firm.  It is our clients that are the inspiration and the vision for who we are today.  

You spoke. We listened and we became a true partner with our clients.

Leading Change

We Are Leading the Change Among Law Firms by Listening to You


We want a law firm that

understands what we do. 

Our Response:

Over the years, we too have seen the disconnect that can occur between clients and law firms. For example, a client asks a law firm to draft a document and when the client reviews the document, the client says that it lacks understanding of their business operation. 

This is exactly why our clients receive an experienced business attorney to work with them - at their locations - to see, hear, and ask questions about their operations. 


We strive to be an extension of your business.


We want a law firm that understands that we are not a billable hour and that we have a budget.

Our Response:

We practice what we preach. Not only do we understand budgets, but we also advise business and municipal clients on budgets everyday.


In order for a business to offer an outstanding service at the most competitive rates, a business must keep its costs down.  That's exactly what we've done. We work with you at your office and hold meetings with you either at your office, at a job site, or via teleconference. 


Our clients have also told us that not only do they appreciate us being their onsite corporate counsel, but the cost savings are larger than they expected.


We want a law firm that comes to us.

Our Response:

When you're running a business, one of the hardest things to do is to leave your office for meetings. We couldn't agree more. This is why with us, your business will have its own corporate counsel on site.


We want a law firm that cares about us. 

Our Response:

Simply stated, the success of our clients is our success. Our business and municipal clients notice that we go the extra mile for them.  


To date, we've traveled to 11 different states on behalf of our clients, including traveling on nights and weekends. It's not always easy, but we do it because our clients deserve a dedicated attorney looking out for their best interest.


When we call our lawyer, we want our lawyer to call us back - not the assistant. 

Our Response:

If you took the time to call your attorney then you deserve a call back from your attorney. It's that simple.


When you hire our office, you will always have direct access to your attorney. 

Founder's Message

A Message From Our Founder

The most successful businesses are those that evolve. Period.


Our clients told us that they wanted to lower their legal bills.  They also preferred that we work with them at their office.  In order to meet our clients' needs, we had to make a significant transformation.  


We transformed so that we now work along side our clients at their office locations across eastern Washington.  We are their corporate counsel - at their locations - for as many hours a week as they require. In turn, we were able to significantly reduce our overhead and pass along significant savings to our clients. Just as important, we now work more face-to-face with our clients.


Our clients have access to everything available to them at a traditional law firm - everything except a larger legal bill.

Other than Northwest Corporate Counsel, I've opened and operated three other successful businesses in eastern Washington that are still going strong today. So when you're about to hire a business attorney and you hear them "talking the talk," ask them if they've ever "walked the walk."

Give me a call or send me an email now and let's talk about how we can work together to protect your greatest asset - your business. 

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David Bingaman
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