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Whether you need a business lawyer to create a new business entity or you have an established business that needs our assistance, we've been representing companies for over a decade.  We're no stranger to representing large corporations.  We've regularly represented corporations grossing $20million per month - but even the largest of businesses start out with just an idea and a motivation to succeed.  Where ever you're at in the process, we'd love to be part of your success.


We also have years of experience representing businesses both as their General Counsel and as a leader in all key business operations. Sometimes you may just need a second set of eyes to review a document for your business. Other times, you may need more regular legal work performed. Either way, we work with you to establish a budget to keep your business on track.

Here's a sample of the services that we offer our clients:

Contract review, contract drafting, and contract editing - Almost everything related to a business involves a contract. Our goal is always to balance your business goals with the potential risk to your business.

 Negotiations - Coming to an agreement with another party is not always easy. Some call it a pain. We call it an art. 

 Terms and Conditions - If you're selling goods or services to other businesses, you may be dealing with what's commonly known as the "battle of the forms." We can help lead you through this sometimes tricky exchange.

 Employment issues - If you have employees, not only can we help keep you in compliance with state and federal laws but we can help keep your employees happy and productive.

 Policies and Procedures - Whether you need an employee handbook, you're looking to revise your employee handbook, or whether you're looking for a way to create efficiency with your workplace procedures, we can help set you up for success.


 Business Formations - If you're looking to start a business or you're currently a sole proprietor, we can create an entity structure for you that is designed to protect your personal assets.

 Business Consulting - The number of issues that a business deals with on a daily basis can be staggering, and a wrong decision can be devastating. Let us apply our experience to keep you on track.

 Finance Consulting - Most businesses utilize third-party financing. Whether you need more available funds or you're not pleased with your bank, we're here to help with the lifeblood of your company.

 Property Management - Whether you are a tenant or you have tenants, these contracts require serious attention to avoid disputes and enforce.

 B2B Collections - Making the sale only counts if you collect on the account receivable.

 Litigation - Avoiding litigation is always the goal, but it's not always possible.  We can assist in both representing you as a plaintiff or a defendant. 

 Insurance - We can review your insurance policies, ensure that you have adequate coverage, and ensure that your carrier is covering you in good faith.


Always Included:

✓ We travel to you

✓ We work with you to establish a budget

ABA American Bar Association
WSBA Washington State Bar Association
American Association for Justice
US District Court Eastern District of Washington
Spokane County Bar Association
Washington State Association for Justice

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