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Employee New Year’s Resolutions Can Be Costly

The end of the year isn’t just about a rush to make the final sales and increase bottom-line profits, it’s also about showing employees why they should want to stay with a company in the upcoming year.

Good employees will want their employer to be successful because the company’s success results in their financial success. However, if employees aren’t given the ability to be there for their families, they will look for another job.

Not only is turnover costly for employers with the expense of training new employees, but the decrease in production is also costly. Also, taking into account the loss of work when an employee feels unappreciated and the employee is looking for another job, the loss to the company really starts to add up.

Just like companies set goals for the new year, so do employees. At the top of every company’s set of goals should be employee satisfaction. If a company doesn’t make this a priority, the employee will make it a priority by finding a job elsewhere.

So as Christmas and New Year’s Eve approaches, companies should be asking themselves if they are allowing their employees to have time with their families. This doesn’t mean having to shut a company down for an entire day. Rather, it can be as simple as asking employees if they need to leave work early or having employees discuss who will cover what shifts. Even small things showing employees that their employer is thinking about their families goes a long way.

If this isn’t happening, be sure that employees will be looking in the new year for an employer that does allow them time with their families.

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