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99% Of Employers Are Missing This 1 Crucial Aspect Of Training Employees

The task of advertising for a new employee, going through resumes, and then interviewing potential candidates is about as enjoyable as grabbing that cup of coffee at the office at 8am on a Monday, only to take a drink and realize that it’s been sitting there since last Friday afternoon.

So your company just got done going through the hiring process and the new employee starts at 8:30am Monday morning (just to make sure you have time to make that fresh pot of coffee).

Now, a few of the bare-bone basics of the training process are set and ready to go.

Who should train the new employee? A knowledgeable person with a good attitude. The person quitting or retiring may not meet both of these very basic criteria.

Did the trainer ask the new employee about their background? It’s always important to establish a starting point when taking on a new task.

Are expectations being set? The new employee usually doesn’t know what types of expectations there are for the various tasks. If this new employee is going to succeed, the expectations need to be known.

Now that a few of the basics are taken care of, most supervisors are just glad to get back to their office to have some piece and quiet. But wait – the most important training concept was missed.

The most successful employers and the most successful employees are the ones that train and work according to a single principle – always work like you’re being interviewed.

For the employee, the benefits couldn’t be greater. Whether the employee is looking at this job long term or short term, working like you’re being interviewed will always benefit the employee.

If this job is viewed as long term, an employee who is on the ball, striving for excellence, and putting their best foot forward will be noticed and be viewed as a candidate for a promotion – which means moving up the company ladder and earning more income.

If the job is viewed as short term, then the employee is always on the lookout for that other job, and that other job very well could come from a contact that is established while at the current job. Also, having a previous contact with a future employer gives the employee an advantage over the other candidates. A future employer will notice customer service whether it’s good or poor, and only the good customer service will be a gateway to a new job.

For the employer, the benefits also are great to using this training approach. Any employee that is always striving for excellence with customers will surely reflect positively on the company. Customers notice good service and they spread the word to their friends, their family, and social media. However, the same goes for poor customer service, and the word spreads even faster than good customer service.

Training employees to act like they’re always being interviewed and explaining the benefits of this approach can be the difference between mediocre business and their employees that aimlessly bounce from one job to the next and successful businesses and their successful employees.

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