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The Fall Of Big Law

As bigger law firms, otherwise known as ‘big law,’ keep increasing their hourly rate and continue to increase the billable-hour quotas for their attorneys, businesses are getting smarter. As the old saying goes, ‘pigs get fed and hogs get slaughtered.’

A recent study by Globality revealed the levels of dissatisfaction by clients rated three times higher with bigger law firms -19% as opposed to 6%.

Joel Hyatt, who is the CEO and co-founder of Globality, said “It’s clear clients are increasingly unhappy with larger legal providers . . . they’re expensive, aren’t as innovative, and don’t provide the same level of customer service smaller firms can offer.”

The study also found that over half of the complaints about big law had to do with their high costs.

As a result, businesses are now saying enough is enough and choosing smaller law firms to handle their legal work. The trend is gaining significant traction. The trend is so significant that big law is now having to compete with smaller law firms as their own attorneys are making the switch to smaller law firms.

The benefit to businesses is significant in switching away from big law. Not only are they paying less per hour with a smaller law firm, but they aren’t dealing with associates who have huge hourly billable quotas.

At Northwest Corporate Counsel, we always work with our business clients to keep their costs down, to establish a budget, and to give them the best service without the billable hour quotas of larger law firms. If we can help your business, just let us know. Give us a call at 509-710-1914 or email us at and let us know how we can help.

Disclaimer: The content of this website is intended to convey general information. It should not be relied upon as legal advice. It is not an offer to represent you, nor is it intended to create an attorney-client relationship. We do invite you to contact us; however, please do not send any confidential information until we have confirmed an attorney-client privilege has been established.


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